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Noelle Goriesky (Wadena Workforce Center) Photo

Noelle Goriesky (Wadena Workforce Center)

About 4 years ago, I left my husband of nearly 20 years. This was terrifying because we were financially secure. Leaving him and taking our daughter with me meant no more financial security. I moved back to my home town to be closer to a few family and friends. I got a job working for family for a short time until the business closed. I found a new job cleaning office buildings. This was a very labor-intensive job and and I worked at night. Since I enjoy being around people, this wasn’t the ideal job for me. It also didn’t require much thought process and wasn’t very challenging.

My stepmother told me about the Workforce Center in Wadena and I went to check it out to see if they could help me find a job or help with schooling. I met with Pam Chick and what a change she has made in my life! I was able to get financial assistance to go to school full time. After a year and a half of studies, I earned an AAS in Medical Administrative Assistant and two diplomas. Wow! The help I received from the Workforce Center was the only way I could have accomplished this feat. RMCEP helped with tuition, books, and even insurance for my car!

I had taken the resume writing and interview classes at the Workforce Center and learned some valuable skills and helped me to make a professional looking resume which I believed helped me when I went to interview for the position. About a month after graduating, I was able to secure a position working as a scheduler in the medical field at $13.00 per hour with benefits. Now I have a challenging and exciting job I look forward to going to, I get to work with people, collect a decent paycheck, and I have a college degree.

I am truly grateful for all the help the people at the Wadena Workforce Center gave me, in helping me to graduate from college with a degree and helping me in securing a position so quickly after graduating. The skills learned there are so valuable. Thank you to Pam, Scott and Darla, I appreciate your help very much.

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