What They are Saying About Us!



I love my RN job & couldn't have gotten here without the help of CEP!  Thank You! ~ CR

Thank you!  Without the help from CEP I would not be financially independent ~ RK

The CEP program is great and got me back on my feet again.  I want to thank everyone involved for helping me. ~ AO

I graduated with my AA and RN in May. ~ MS

Thanks for Rural Minnesota CEP program for helping me to start work again, in the same specialty, in my home country. ~ NA

Thank you for your guidance, support, and vision in helping with my career. ~ JH

I work full time now, feel great about myself and setting a good example for my kids.  Staff helped me make a plan for my son who is disabled.  They made me feel like they really cared about what they were doing. ~ AN


Many thanks to those of you who spend your days helping our community to help themselves...even if they are less willing to do so.  Your jobs are so important, yet under appreciated.  Thank you for always having a smile and a willingness to help. ~ AN

There is no way I could've been successful without your program.  Thank you! ~ LV

Thank you all for the support and encouragement throughout school.  I never would have made it without your help ~ JH

Anita, I am truly touched by your generosity, your spirirt, and your willingness to go out of your way to help me ~ AL

Re-Employment presented many unforeseen challenges for me.  Rural Minnesota CEP provided much needed, and greatly appreciated support.  Thank You. ~ MM

Thank you so much for helping to get a great job. ~ JL

Worked with Sue in the Alexdria office, she was great.  She helped me every step of the way. ~ ME

Rural Mn CEP made it possible for me to continue my education and find a great job!!!  My thanks to everyone that works there. ~ AC

I work 40-56 hours per week, if not for CEP I wouldn't be where I am today.  I appreciate all the help I got. ~ MN

I am deeply grateful for the help I received from CEP.  I couldn't have finished my accounting degree without it. ~KS

This program was awesome and helped me get started in my nursing career, when I was unable to afford it.  Thank you so much! ~ SH

I know if it wasn't for Rural Mn CEP I would not be in the positive situation that they helped me get to in my life.  I  am so grateful!  Thank you Rural Mn CEP! ~ TC