“If I wouldn’t have enrolled in the internship program, I still don’t know what I would be going to college for. This program can help you see what careers you do or don’t like, without the expense of college. It can also help you decide what to study, if you are in an area of indecisiveness. It was an experience that helped prepare me for the real world.”

High School Senior Intern

“This year, I worked with a young man who wanted to go into meat cutting. There unfortunately were not any schools that offered a program in this area.  Having been a customer of Thielen Meats for years, I contacted the owner and asked him about placing a senior high school student in his operation as an Apprentice.  I’m proud to say the two met and an apprenticeship was born!  Additionally, Thielen Meats received an apprenticeship grant from the MN Department of Labor to help fund the program!”

RMCEP Career Advisor

“Thank you for all of the guidance you provided to my daughter!  She is no longer anxious about her plans after high school and has a renewed interest in the healthcare industry. Your individual attention is exactly what she needed to take that leap from uncertainty to excitement about her future.”

High School Parent

R5DC Internship: Experience Journal Written By James Vold

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