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Sahro (Rural Minnesota CEP, Inc.) Photo

Sahro (Rural Minnesota CEP, Inc.)

Sahro is an 18 year old woman that Debbie Grant at the Moorhead WorkForce Center had the opportunity to work with through the Career Advisor services she provided to the Moorhead High School students. Sahro had been in this country for only 4 years when her mother passed away. Her sister moved to Moorhead to take care of her.

She was overwhelmed with completing the FAFSA due to what she had seen and heard from her brother and sister, being a new American and not having a parent. We sat down and went through the process.

Once we had all of the documents required, we were able to complete the FAFSA in 20 minutes and have it accepted. Sahro and I did a lot of career exploration as she looked at careers as well as schools. She was also very interested in a job. She had applied for a few jobs but had never been offered an interview. Sahro and I worked on how to complete applications and on her interviewing skills. She filled out the application for our youth program services and was placed on our waiting list. We were later able to enroll Sahro and she began school and was also placed on a work training site where she has excelled. She is so happy to be in post-secondary school and finally earning a paycheck.

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