Rural Minnesota CEP Launches Redesigned Website with a New Look & Real Live Results

18 Jul 2023


New Website Shows that Rural Minnesota CEP is Here for Everyone

DETROIT LAKES, MN -- Rural Minnesota Concentrated Employment Program (RMCEP) is happy to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website,, created in partnership with Golden Shovel Agency. The revamped website reflects RMCEP’s commitment to providing an enhanced user experience and delivering vital information to individuals, businesses, and communities in an easily accessible manner.

The redesigned website showcases a range of exciting features and modules that make it more user-friendly and visually captivating. One of the standout improvements is the inclusion of larger buttons that facilitate seamless navigation, allowing visitors to find the information they need quickly. The website now showcases captivating graphics, while the new images capture the essence of RMCEP’s mission with clarity and boldness.

“Our favorite things about the redesigned website are the attention-grabbing visuals, which resonate powerfully with our visitors,” said Tina Jaster, Executive Director at RMCEP. “We also have incorporated a ‘Contact Us’ tab on the first page, making it easier for users to send inquiries directly to us. Additionally, including ticker boxes showcasing the number of clients served, tuition spent, and individuals employed has had a significant impact, demonstrating our organization’s real-life results.”

The RMCEP team had clear goals and priorities when undertaking this website redesign project. The previous website did not align with the modern culture RMCEP is fostering, featuring busy layouts and navigation challenges. Therefore, the revamped website aimed to provide a refreshing, user-friendly experience that allows visitors to connect easily with RMCEP’s services.

“We wanted to create a website that truly reflected our organization’s values and aspirations,” explained Jaster. “Our priorities included streamlining the hiring process and effectively highlighting our financial assistance to individuals and businesses. By integrating enticing hiring information and implementing ticker boxes showcasing funding, enrollment, and employment numbers, we believe our new website will help us attract more applicants and partners alike.”

In crafting this press release, RMCEP emphasizes three key elements: the website’s new look, its ability to deliver real-life results, and RMCEP’s commitment to serving everyone in need. The redesigned website represents a significant milestone for the organization, providing an interactive platform that supports its mission of empowering individuals and strengthening communities across rural Minnesota.

Furthermore, the improved website will enhance RMCEP’s marketing efforts. With its user-friendly design and compelling content, the website will serve as a valuable tool for recruiting potential employees and participants. Moreover, it showcases RMCEP’s commitment to excellence, reinforcing the trust and confidence of its valued partners.

“We believe that this redesigned website will greatly enhance our marketing initiatives,” said Jaster. “It will attract top talent to join our team and engage individuals who can benefit from our services. Including a direct link for inquiries will enable us to respond promptly and efficiently, providing relevant information to those who reach out. We are confident the new website will elevate our visibility and reputation within our communities.”
To explore RMCEP’s newly redesigned website and learn more about its services, please visit


RURAL MINNESOTA CEP inspires positive change leading to successful and prosperous individuals and communities through the power of work. RMCEP helps people find jobs or get the training they need to find the job they want.  If they are undecided, we have career exploration and planning activities. RMCEP is a private non-profit CareerForce partner located in eight CareerForce offices. Each has information on job openings. There are a variety of workshops on job search techniques, resume writing, and interviewing.

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