CareerForce Corners in Local Minnesota Libraries: Job Searching Made Simple

career force corner

Through local partnerships, Rural MN CEP, CareerForce and the Minnesota Department of Education have extended the services CareerForce officials provide; “CareerForce Corners,” moreover, are the location within the library wherein the resources and services are located. By placing CareerForce Corners within local Minnesota libraries, organizations have made employment information and resources easier to find, and easier to use.

CareerForce Corners within libraries help make the job searching process simpler by supplying written materials, informative brochures, occasional workshops and live support. To many communities, local libraries are a conveniently located, trusted resource. By placing resources typically offered at the CareerForce office within the local library, CareerForce Corners make job searches more accessible. Not only are the libraries in close proximity to the communities they serve, but library staff can also assist workers with their job search. 

CareerForce Corners Help Rural Minnesota Job Seekers Find and Use Available Opportunities 

The CareerForce Corners provide curated and up-to-date CareerForce resources to help library staff assist job seekers. More specifically, the CareerForce Corners help library staff easily connect with Minnesotans that may need extended support in their job search; once connected, staff can refer them to the additional programs and services available

Rural MN CEP provides workshops, job fairs, and many other resources that support job searches. Through CareerForce Corners, job seekers are made aware of the many events that Rural MN CEP hosts throughout the year. Additionally, Rural MN CEP will host job search workshops in person 2 times a month at select local libraries, and have partnered with library staff for one-on-one assistance. For example, Rural MN CEP will provide a Diversity Job Fair, with Lake Agassiz Regional Library staff participating in the planning and hosting of the job fairs.

By creating a well-oiled network of support for job searches, rural Minnesota communities are made stronger. CareerForce Corners guarantee that job seekers know who to contact, where to go, and how to pursue a job within their local communities.