Rural Minnesota CEP’s Second Annual Staff Picnic: Team Building and Communication in the Workplace

Rural Minnesota CEP’s Second Annual Staff Picnic: Team Building and Communication in the Workplace Main Photo

21 Dec 2023

A Big Hit, Despite High Temperatures

On July 27, 2023, Rural Minnesota CEP held its second annual All Staff Training and Picnic Day. Held at Pine Grove Park in Staples, the event offered an opportunity for staff members to come together, share ideas and interests, and to learn more about Rural Minnesota CEP.

Even with the 90 degree weather that day, the event turned out to be a success. As staff gathered for the picnic, they found shade near large pine trees.

The Hawaiian-themed event served as a learning opportunity as well as an exciting work social. It was planned by a cross-functional group of staff and food was provided by Von Hanson’s Catering.

Team Building and Communication

At Rural Minnesota CEP, we are team-oriented and value the high-quality training that we provide to employees. We strive to create an atmosphere where employees feel comfortable and content. We emphasize the importance of communication within the workplace.

As part of our continued relationship with Sagency, Matt Skoy presented a training session on “The Art of Effective Communication” during this year’s All Staff Training and Picnic Day. The staff also came together for team-building activities and games which focused on getting to know each other and more. Drawings for prizes were held along with a contest for best-dressed attendee. 

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A Pleasant Experience for All

After all was said and done, team members voiced their opinions on the picnic in a survey, which will be used in planning future events. Staff were pleased with 2023’s All Staff Training and Picnic Day, noting their appreciation for Skoy’s presentation. By sharing his personal experiences, he made the information relatable and easy to grasp.

“I so appreciated Matt’s presentation that helped to expand the communication piece of our
Journey of Transformation!” said one Rural Minnesota CEP staff member. “His delivery of using personal experiences made it easier to relate to and understand the message.”

Not only did Skoy effectively get his key points across to the team, but he was also able to keep everyone engaged throughout the hot day.

“Matt did a great job with audience involvement and continually summarizing key points
throughout the presentation,” another staff member commented. “He was able to engage and keep everyone interested despite the warm temperatures!”

Staff also enjoyed the best dressed contest, the prizes, the wide selection of food, and the decorations. The collaborative experience offered a fun and informal way to learn more about Rural Minnesota CEP and to become better acquainted with coworkers.

“I gave high marks as this was a really fun day,” said another staff member. “Congratulations and appreciation to the Picnic Planning Team! This was well organized and everyone seemed to have a good time.”

Thank you to our Picnic Planning Team for a fantastic day!

You can find more information about Rural Minnesota CEP on our website, or you can give us a call at (218) 846-7400 or send us a message via our online form.