Career Navigator Partner Program: RMCEP Cultivates Pathways for Young Professionals

Career Navigator Partner Program: RMCEP Cultivates Pathways for Young Professionals Main Photo

12 Oct 2023

Through the Career Navigator Partner Program, Rural MN CEP (RMCEP) provides Career Adviser services for students throughout the region. Programming is designed for individual schools’ specific needs, whether that is to fill educational gaps or bolster existing career and college readiness initiatives. To provide the best services possible, Career Advisors collaborate with administrators, counselors, teachers, parents, employers, higher education institutions, and training providers.

The Career Navigator Partner Program serves multiple parties. Primarily, the program helps students prepare for a productive future at work or in a post-secondary school. Additionally, the program helps local employers by providing them with skilled and educated workers. Tahnee Moe, Youth Counselor at RMCEP’s Detroit Lakes location, states, “Career Advising teaches students to leverage their strengths for the future. Simultaneously, the program takes the burden off of counselors, who wear many hats in the school system. I’m able to meet with youth one-on-one, provide the support and attention they need, and give them an idea of what work is available in their immediate community. By extension, it helps employers fill hiring gaps.”

Career Advising: Tailored Solutions for Each Student

Created to provide individualized pathways to success for each student, the Career Navigator Partner Program helps students find the career that fits them best. Moe shares, “Career Advising is a resource for young adults or students who are transitioning out of high school. It gives the youth opportunities to explore what their authentic career interests are. More specifically, it gives them the chance to explore post-secondary options and how they would like to transition into the working world best.”

Moe explains that the services of the program are wide-ranging and robust. “We have crucial discussions with our program participants to figure out what will be best for them post-grad. We discuss potential licensing they’ll need, grants and scholarships, and what positions are most aligned with their unique academic attributes. We teach them how to best prepare for an interview and give them great job-searching strategies. Through these conversations, we’re able to create unique plans for each student.”

Career exploration activities include: 

  • Personal assessments (e.g., interests, work values, personality).
  • Career research
  • Career pathways/clusters
  • Education/training options and cost analysis
  • College research and applications
  • Career resources/tools
  • Workplace skills/expectations
  • Job search strategies
  • SMART Goals; skills/training/education for emerging fields and occupations in demand

RMCEP: A Trusted Community Resource

Moe states that the Career Navigator Partner Program is a crucial part of the community fabric. “At the end of the day, students have someone who will advocate for them and give them real-time solutions. Youth counselors are a trusted resource who will help them after they leave high school. In addition, career advising opens up a conversation with youth and gives them an overview of what services RMCEP has to offer them. There are many times that I see youth in the communities that I serve and they are thankful, and follow up with questions. Supporting youth is critical community work that RMCEP leads.”

RMCEP helps students prepare to enter the workforce, apprenticeships, military, or college after high school graduation. By doing so, RMCEP serves its communities in multiple capacities. To learn more about how RMCEP supports the next generation of workers,  click here.