It’s a New Day!

It’s a New Day! Main Photo

22 Sep 2022

Fall is a time of the year that causes many of us to think of new beginnings.  The crisp air, turning leaves, start of school sessions all remind us of the changing seasons and the changes in our lives.  Post-pandemic we have seen a marked shift in the nature of the workforce in Northwest and Central Minnesota.  Our rural area workforce seeks out and demands a new perspective in the world of work.  Workers are placing a stronger interest in work-life balance and are asking employers for more flexibility in the conditions and terms of employment.  Instead of people chasing jobs, jobs are now chasing people.  The nationwide trends towards more remote work, better wages,  and equity, inclusion and diversity initiatives are becoming the norm, and our rural areas are no exception.  At RMCEP, we understand the changing nature of the workforce and in fact, have made our own internal changes allowing our employees more flexibility to better serve our clients.  Change is inevitable, and over the past 54 years, RMCEP has proven time and time again to adapt to the changing nature of our workforce and needs of our businesses.  It’s a new day, and RMCEP is ready to step up to the challenge of today’s workforce needs!