X Marks the Spot

14 Apr 2017

As Minnesotans age, demand for x-ray technicians will increase.

Radiologic technologists and technicians take x-rays at hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. X-ray technicians have a long list of tasks beyond taking x-ray images.

A radiologic technician:

  • Operates the operation of radiologic and magnetic imaging equipment to produce photographs of the body for diagnostic purposes
  • Operates mobile x-ray equipment
  • Positions the imaging equipment and adjusts controls to set exposure time and distance
  • Positions the patient on the examining table and adjusts equipment to obtain the optimum view of specific the body area(s) requested by the physician
  • Explains procedures and observes patients to ensure safety and comfort
  • Monitors the use of radiation safety measures to comply with government regulations and ensure the safety of patients and staff

Radiologic technicians might also specialize in computed tomography (CT or CAT) scans, mammography, and other forms of medical imaging.

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