Collaboration on Welding Training

29 Oct 2013

Rural Minnesota CEP, along with Northwest Private Industry Council and M-State Community and Technical College, have collaborated to bring the mobile welding trailer to Fosston.  This multi-Workforce Service Area sponsored  program is providing an opportunity for businesses and job seekers in rural northwest Minnesota.   Current welding training opportunities within our expanded region are generally limited to semester based programs. While these programs are essential, the traditional scheduling can pose a barrier to individuals who are unable to commit to a longer term training. The accelerated pace of the portable welding training provided through the Minnesota Job Skills Partnership Low Income Worker Grant allows job seekers  to gain skills and become credentialed faster.  Successful completion of the training has the potential to open doors for individuals with multiple regional employers seeking qualified welders.  Erskine Attachments in Fosston is providing a site for the trailer for the six week welding course.