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Request for Quotes

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Rural Minnesota CEP, Inc. (RMCEP) is seeking a request for quotes as specified in the statement of work contained herein.  RMCEP recently conducted an Employee Satisfaction Survey and is seeking assistance with designing a response to the results of the survey.

Qualified Candidates: 

  • At least 5 years experience as a business/human consultant
  • At least 5 years experience in business facilitation and negotiation
  • At least 5 years experience in strategic planning, organizational conflict and workplace communications

Statement of Work:


Design, guide and assist EMCEP leaders and employees through planning and problem-solving necessary to build on recent Employee Satisfaction Survey results.

Proposal Design & Plan

Provide a proven systematic method for RMCEP leaders through the refinement of the survey results, development and delivery of sessions and follow-up sessions for agency leaders.

Development and Delivery

  1. Pre-Session Activities
    1. Provide an Executive Summary of existing employee data
    2. Develop session agenda and materials
  2. Deliver Management Team Session
    1. Review project scope and survey summary
    2. Specify successes and issues
    3. Refine vision for future
    4. Draft near-term priorities
    5. Identify benchmarks for new priorities
    6. Review an improved leadership model for use with new priorities
    7. Identify further work for agency and management team
    8. Identify roles and responsibilities for next steps
    9. Evaluate the session.
  3. Post-Session Activities
    1. Prepare and provide all final products
    2. Provide follow-up materials
    3. Provide follow-up phone consultations as needed
  4. Outcomes/Products
    1. Executive Summary of employee survey
    2. Consensus Summary of past successes and history
    3. A refined vision and list of organizational priorities
    4. Detailed benchmarks for each priority
    5. Identified roles and responsibilities
    6. Session evaluation results

Proposals will address areas I through IV, qualifications, an estimate of time needed with agency leaderships, and the cost of services.   Interested parties should submit their proposals via email NO LATER THAN 5:00 PM ON MARCH 16, 2018 TO:

Dan Wenner Executive Director                       


Vicki Leaderbrand, Director of Operations      



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Re-Employment presented many unforeseen challenges for me.  Rural Minnesota CEP provided much needed, and greatly appreciated support.  Thank You. ~ MM

financially independent

Thank you!  Without the help from CEP I would not be financially independent ~ RK

I work full time now

I work full time now, feel great about myself and setting a good example for my kids.  Staff helped me make a plan for my son who is disabled.  They made me feel like they really cared about what they were doing. ~ AN

If it wasn't for RMCEP

I know if it wasn't for Rural Mn CEP I would not be in the positive situation that they helped me get to in my life.  I  am so grateful!  Thank you Rural Mn CEP! ~ TC

This program was awesome

This program was awesome and helped me get started in my nursing career, when I was unable to afford it.  Thank you so much! ~ SH

I love my RN job

I love my RN job & couldn't have gotten here without the help of CEP!  Thank You! ~ CR