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21 Jul 2021

Are you receiving Social Security disability benefits and want to know how working will affect your benefits?

Are you afraid of losing benefits or medical coverage if you return to work?

  • Did you know, if you receive SSDI benefits, that you can work for up to 12 months with no earning limit, and keep your SSDI cash benefits?
  • Did you know, if you receive SSI disability benefits, you can keep your Medicaid health insurance even if you are not entitled to an SSI cash benefit due to earnings?
  • Did you know that if you receive either SSI or SSDI disability benefits, that you are entitled to assistance in the return to work, including career counseling and job search assistance through the Ticket to Work program? Assigning your ticket with ADEN is FREE!
  • Did you know that assigning your ticket with ADEN eliminates Continuing Disability Reviews as long as you make progress in the Ticket to Work program?
  • Would you like to know more about resources that can help you plan for the future and become more financially self-sufficient?  (For example, home ownership, saving for retirement, college or other related needs.)

If you are interested in learning more, please contact your local ADEN resource, Char Hirte, at Rural Minnesota CEP, Inc:

303 22nd Ave. W.
Suite 107 Alexandria MN 56308
Phone: 218-850-1453       
Email: charh@rmcep.com

American Dream Employment Network is an authorized Social Security

Ticket to Work service provider operated by the National Disability Institute

For additional information, contact Rural Minnesota CEP in a CareerForce near you!