Juan's Story…

16 Dec 2020

juanJuan’s experience with Rural Minnesota CEP, Inc. (RMCEP) provided him the opportunity to reach success in supporting his family and in becoming a role model to his children. He was happy to share his story:

Juan had a plan to earn his CDL-A but needed assistance with career planning, funding, and making ends meet while completing training. Through the help of his RMCEP counselor and both the Workforce Innovations and Opportunity Act and the Minnesota Family Investment Program he received the supports needed to meet his goal! Juan and his RMCEP Job Counselor developed an Individual Service Plan that supported Juan to successfully complete training that lead to earning his CDL-A. Juan completed training in March and began his job search. Due to COVID-19, Juan struggled to find employment. With perseverance and the help of RMCEP, he landed a full-time position earning $20 an hour! Juan was not just a success for himself and Rural Minnesota CEP, but to his whole family. Juan stated that because of his success it motivated his son to start a career in the Healthcare field where his is now working as a Certified Nurse Assistant with a plan to become a RN one day. The following is an excerpt from Juan’s Thank You letter to the staff at RMCEP in Little Falls:

“For years I asked myself what I was going to do with my life. I drove by your work place many times (RMCEP) but had the fear of what was going to happen for fear of rejection. I had to set an example in the family, and I was not getting any younger. Finally, I had the guts to walk inside the building and ask for help. I immediately felt welcomed and the positive vibes coming from everyone inside especially you, Mr. Nick. You guided me to my future, and I am very grateful of this…”