Wadena career center breaks through barriers to employment

20 Nov 2019

"Just get a job," is a retort all too familiar to Darla Hoemberg.

It's a sentence she's even thought about using when she first started working for Rural Minnesota CEP from her former career in human resources. She saw many people receiving assistance, that seemed capable of working, but weren't. But she soon realized that, for some, getting a job has many obstacles. Working through those obstacles has helped the Wadena site become an envy of other locations within the Rural Minnesota CEP (Concentrated Employment Program, Inc.). That's what Wadena County Commissioners heard during a recent report from Hoemberg, team leader with Wadena's Rural Minnesota CEP and Brian Gapinski, program manager for Brainerd, Wadena, Little Falls and Bemidji.

"The measures here in Wadena County have always been kind of an envy of other counties," Gapinski said.

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