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Alyssa Ness (White Earth Child Care Center) Photo

Alyssa Ness (White Earth Child Care Center)

Alyssa Ness was a 20 year old single parent of one child when she connected with the TANF Teen Parent project. She had never worked before and did not have transportation. Alyssa started a work training experience at the White Earth Childcare Center. Alyssa knew the work training was temporary and she needed to find a job on her own. She received support and encouragement from the staff at the center. A worksite staff member gave her a ride to and from work each day and has encouraged her to get her drivers permit. Alyssa is currently studying to take the drivers permit test.

Alyssa said she felt the staff cared about her. “They asked how I was doing and involved me in site visits. I saw how different people do things differently and still get the job done. I also attended parent meetings and a survey was done on parent and staff views. The results were shared at the next meeting and it showed me that there is always room for improvement with anything.” “After my evaluation with my worksite supervisor and employment counselor, and I heard how good I was doing and how helpful I was to the childcare center, it made it easier for me to be strong and continue on the work training. This was important to me as I didn’t think I could do it as my daughter was acting out when I left her for my work training. I gained more confidence. I tried new things and met a lot of people. When I helped with things, the worksite staff asked what I thought and they took some of my ideas and used them. This made me believe in myself. I now interact more with people. Before I was scared to ask questions as I thought people would think I was dumb. When I asked questions, I learned that someone would help me and it was a way for me to learn new things.”

Alyssa had never had a job before the work experience. It has taught her that she can get out there and work. She has completed and passed an on-line PCA training and was issued a PCA number from the state of Minnesota. She will begin working as a PCA in White Earth through Circle of Life Anishinaabe Mahnomen Home Health as soon as all the necessary paperwork is processed.

The work training has made Alyssa realize how much she enjoys working with children. This has motivated her to pursue a career in the childcare field. Staff at her work experience site and her job counselor encouraged her to continue her education. Alyssa has completed the process for enrollment into the Early Childhood and Paraprofessional Education program through a special cohort with White Earth Child Care and M/State in Detroit Lakes. Alyssa will be notified of the start date.

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