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MN Youth Program

RMCEP provides a summer work experience program for youth who are aged 14 – 24, meet income guidelines, or may be an at-risk youth.   The goal of this program is to work closely with each youth to provide a work experience in the summer months, and support learning positive and healthy work ethics. 

Elements of the MYP Program include:

  • Paid work experience;
  • Coordination with summer school classes and working;
  • Leadership development opportunities;
  • Mentoring;
  • Limited supportive services (financial assistance with certain costs related to participating in work experience or meeting an educational goal)
I work full time now

I work full time now, feel great about myself and setting a good example for my kids.  Staff helped me make a plan for my son who is disabled.  They made me feel like they really cared about what they were doing. ~ AN


Re-Employment presented many unforeseen challenges for me.  Rural Minnesota CEP provided much needed, and greatly appreciated support.  Thank You. ~ MM

This program was awesome

This program was awesome and helped me get started in my nursing career, when I was unable to afford it.  Thank you so much! ~ SH

If it wasn't for RMCEP

I know if it wasn't for Rural Mn CEP I would not be in the positive situation that they helped me get to in my life.  I  am so grateful!  Thank you Rural Mn CEP! ~ TC

financially independent

Thank you!  Without the help from CEP I would not be financially independent ~ RK

I love my RN job

I love my RN job & couldn't have gotten here without the help of CEP!  Thank You! ~ CR